Our Strategy


FNJS DEVELOPMENT GROUP acquires, develops and manages retail, commercial, and residential properties. Our specialty is seeking out properties that are temporarily undervalued due to tenant move outs, poor management and or maintenance. Through hard work and a keen understanding of the market, we ensure these properties reach their full potential, thereby delivering substantial gains on our investment.

Partnering for success…

We always invite joint venture opportunities with selective partners who share our vision and core values.  Our strategy for pursuing growth is a practical, proven approach designed to generate solid returns for our investors. We stay deeply involved in every aspect of an investment, from the blueprint stage through development to maintenance and management, extracting maximum value for our investors at every juncture. This total involvement also ensures that every FNJS DEVELOPMENT GROUP project remains a model of excellence. 

Because we treat our investors’ money as if it were our own, our investment approach is prudently diverse. We are constantly seeking to expand the types of real estate in which we work – retail, commercial, and residential – as well as the geographical spread.

 Private, professional, and institutional investors have different requirements, and we apply our thoroughgoing knowledge of our field to structure deals that work for all types of investors, serving them with proven success and demonstrated returns. 

Even with all these strategies in place, a company’s investor relationship is only as good as it’s reporting. At FNJS we communicate results consistently, and we include such factors as tenant satisfaction, financial performance, market conditions, and any other relevant trends. Broad and deep communications assure our investors of an accurate picture of performance and have always been a cornerstone of FNJS Properties’ business. Finally, tenant relationships are the lifeblood of any real estate enterprise: take care of your tenants and you take care of your business. We have always been committed to the well being of our tenants, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it promotes successful and thriving businesses, which both our tenants and investors appreciate.

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